Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walking video

I am confused in the way that I feel that the world goes faster than I am able to catch on to. On thursday I lost my wallet with drivers license, visa card, student card and all my other identity giving papers, yesterday I arrived here and just now I noticed that I have taken wrong cord, so that I am not able to put pictures into the computer. I have no idea if these two losses has anything to do with each other, but it might make sense that as long as my picture identities are lost, I am not able to publish other faces. Since I have a video camera, I decided to make a faceless video.

It is though the joy of seeing the same faces that has struck me today. We have mostly been catching up on what has happened during the summer, how much it has been raining. And about changes. When I see someone, we tend to repeat that nothing has really changed. While turning slowly the corner in the corridor today one person said "ah, it looks the same way as before." That might be true on a general level, but still what makes this day interesting are the changes that are not general. Such as that the table in the middle room has been turned around, getting to know why somebody has a hurt arm, look at the new names on the signs and hearing the voice have become slower. We dont die in the order we are born. Today the fields just in front of Kajalakoti are being cut and tomorrow the autumn starts.

The sweet wish of a summer giving lots of energy to the next year has turned into happiness that the autumn has arrived. Except for those that are on sick leave, the permanent workers are all here. It seems as this makes Kajalakoti more stable. Todays one of the new people here said that as long as she behaves as a good girl here, she will be ok.

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