Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am very much here in Kajalakoti even though I have not been writing the blog actively lately. I am preparing some things for the open day and then I am living life in Kajalakoti like it is a very natural thing to do. Today I had some technical problems with my apple mac. Now the whole room smells of apples after I picked apples. Even though I am working towards the open house, it feels very natural to go and sit and wait for the next meal half an hour before it is served. This I and many others do even though we know for sure that the food will come exact on time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hairdresser in your living room

I feel like at home and that I have a place here. Quit relaxed actually. Today was the hairdresser here, sometimes my haidresser friend come to my home to cut my hair as well. Life is convenient that way, when all that you need is offered just outside your bedroom.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning exercises

Morning exercises: 40 min

Everybody has a chair.
Do as you are able to. Take your time.
Music: optional
X 8 means that you the movement 8 times
Repeat each series twice or more times if you want

Standing; hold on to your chair if necassery

Work on keeping your back in an uplift position and finding your balance befor
e you start each exercise.
  • X 16 walk, lift your knees high
  • X 8 slide your left foot back and forth and repeat on the right side
  • X 8 lift your left knee as high as you can get, repeat on the right side
  • X 8 kick your left foot to your back, repeat on the right side
  • X 8 bend down with both your knees as far as you can get
  • X lift your left foot as high as you can get, try not to hold on to anything and if possible close your eyes. Hold the position for a while. Repeat on the other side.
Shoulder: Sit down on the chair. Make sure you have space around you to move
  • X 8, role your shoulders forward in circles and then backwards
  • X 8 pull your shoulders all the way up to under your head and relax them
Hands/Arms: Sitting

  • X 8 role your hands one way and then the other way around
  • X 10 open your fingers as much as you can and then close them
  • X 8 take both your arms forward
  • X8 take both your arms to the side
  • X 8 take both your arms up
  • Box with both your hands into the air
  • hit yourself with flat hand on all parts of the body, head, arms, feet, back...
Head/Neck/Face: Sitting

  • X 8 tilt your head to both sides
  • X 8 look down to the floor and then up to the sealing
  • X 8 turn your to the side so you look over your shoulder
  • slowly make half circles forward with your head
  • make faces: open your face(mouth, eyes, ears...) as much as you can and close your face as much as you can (make as many wrinkles as possible)
  • on the count of three, laugh as high and much as possible
Hiking in Norway: sitting

  • Walk up the hill, lift your feet high
  • Climb the mountain wall, lift your feet and help with your hands
  • Swim in the lake, first breast swimming and then fast crawl
  • Shake the water off your body
  • Run home
Exercises with bendable tubes

  • X 8 Bend the tube together over your head
  • X 8 lift the tube over your head
  • X 8 hold the tube in each end and turn your upper part to the side, do on both sides
  • Lift the tube high and hit the floor many times so that you hear a nice hitting sound. Repeat with the other hand
  • Stretch down to the floor. Keep your neck relaxed
  • X 8 Bend to the sides while holding the tube
  • Put the tube under your feet and role it with the bottom of your feet