Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning exercises

Morning exercises: 40 min

Everybody has a chair.
Do as you are able to. Take your time.
Music: optional
X 8 means that you the movement 8 times
Repeat each series twice or more times if you want

Standing; hold on to your chair if necassery

Work on keeping your back in an uplift position and finding your balance befor
e you start each exercise.
  • X 16 walk, lift your knees high
  • X 8 slide your left foot back and forth and repeat on the right side
  • X 8 lift your left knee as high as you can get, repeat on the right side
  • X 8 kick your left foot to your back, repeat on the right side
  • X 8 bend down with both your knees as far as you can get
  • X lift your left foot as high as you can get, try not to hold on to anything and if possible close your eyes. Hold the position for a while. Repeat on the other side.
Shoulder: Sit down on the chair. Make sure you have space around you to move
  • X 8, role your shoulders forward in circles and then backwards
  • X 8 pull your shoulders all the way up to under your head and relax them
Hands/Arms: Sitting

  • X 8 role your hands one way and then the other way around
  • X 10 open your fingers as much as you can and then close them
  • X 8 take both your arms forward
  • X8 take both your arms to the side
  • X 8 take both your arms up
  • Box with both your hands into the air
  • hit yourself with flat hand on all parts of the body, head, arms, feet, back...
Head/Neck/Face: Sitting

  • X 8 tilt your head to both sides
  • X 8 look down to the floor and then up to the sealing
  • X 8 turn your to the side so you look over your shoulder
  • slowly make half circles forward with your head
  • make faces: open your face(mouth, eyes, ears...) as much as you can and close your face as much as you can (make as many wrinkles as possible)
  • on the count of three, laugh as high and much as possible
Hiking in Norway: sitting

  • Walk up the hill, lift your feet high
  • Climb the mountain wall, lift your feet and help with your hands
  • Swim in the lake, first breast swimming and then fast crawl
  • Shake the water off your body
  • Run home
Exercises with bendable tubes

  • X 8 Bend the tube together over your head
  • X 8 lift the tube over your head
  • X 8 hold the tube in each end and turn your upper part to the side, do on both sides
  • Lift the tube high and hit the floor many times so that you hear a nice hitting sound. Repeat with the other hand
  • Stretch down to the floor. Keep your neck relaxed
  • X 8 Bend to the sides while holding the tube
  • Put the tube under your feet and role it with the bottom of your feet

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