Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am very much here in Kajalakoti even though I have not been writing the blog actively lately. I am preparing some things for the open day and then I am living life in Kajalakoti like it is a very natural thing to do. Today I had some technical problems with my apple mac. Now the whole room smells of apples after I picked apples. Even though I am working towards the open house, it feels very natural to go and sit and wait for the next meal half an hour before it is served. This I and many others do even though we know for sure that the food will come exact on time.


Kristina Junttila said...

maistuko omenat?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - you are back in the nursing home. Oh, I really didn't know so I have missed all your exciting posts :-( So much to catch with - I will have to put my university work on hold for this :-) Just a question - my Mac doesn't make any apple smell after it gives me technical problems....where did you buy your Mac from?

Oh and poor you - loosing your wallet - doesn't it feel like you have lost your identity. The faceless video works - but got a little dizzy :-) We can't do anything without license, credit card, student card. We have to call all these places to bring back our identity. We have become so dependent on these things. This may be related to the feeling that the world is going faster than we can cope with. We don't have time anymore....but we do have time to wait for half hour till the food arrives :-) But we can learn a lot from the elderly - they make time slow down.

I like your saying that "we don't die the same way as we are born". I think I will use that for something. I read somewhere, that as adults we loose the idea of change and new things - we get set so much in our ways that we do not see the beauty in the ordinary things. Yet a small child, can read the same book 10 times in a row and still get excited about it. You see, we can learn from children too. It is the beauty of humans - no matter what stage of life we are at - we can learn and teach others :-)

Ooops - sorry for long blog - but had to catch up :-) Will keep myself better posted.

Well done again Kristina - and really interesting to read.