Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is the vase I got from Kajalakoti as a goodbye present. I am continuing this project, but in another format. At the moment I am looking for the old folks home in Helsinki where I will be doing my final work for my MA. Pysähdy Kajalakodissa as a project is over, even thought I have promised and want to stop by every now and then. Continuation is also a way to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Hei Kristina

I'm still checking your blog :-) Thats a nice autumn vase you got. So, soon you will move to a new nursing will know a few things about them by the end. Can't wait to see your final work for the MA....unless its in Finnish...then I won't have much chance of understanding.

Hmmm - I have to think about your last remark "Continuation is also a way to say goodbye" :-)

Kristina Junttila said...

Great that you are checking the blog, though from now on I will probably not write in this as the name of it is "stop at kajalakoti" and I am not there. I will let you know in good time when my final work is. Just recieved an email from the old folks home where I was at a meeting last week. They are most probably interested in me doing my work there. It is not many kilometers from where we live and it seems like it can be a good place to the work. But we will see. Maybe I meant something like, "the reason you say good bye is because you are continuing your life somewhere else." ;) Now Stein is vaccuming behind me and I cant concentrate. Ciao.