Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rush hour


Anonymous said...

I like the rush hour pictures! This spring I have lived in New York and have had to drive into Manhattan sometimes - so I have a feeling of what a rush hour can be!

mamma Jorid

Anonymous said...

Rush hour is Rome 24hours a day. I hope they don't drive those 'walkers' as madly as roman drivers. Are there many accidents with those?

BTW Thanks Mamma Jorid for revealing your identity :-) Really proud that you worked it out on your own....what's next???


Kristina Junttila said...

Most accidents happens when they are parked in the middle of the hallway. Here rules anarchy and it is allowed to park wherever. It might also take time to find the right one after meal time ;)K

Anonymous said...

Yes, Edwin, I surprised myself with my technical insight - so now I show my identity to everyone that reads this!

A little more about rush hour: I felt that anarchy was the right word for traffic in Rome when I visited there. But I was told that it was more about being smooth and seeing and taking advantage of possibilities. When I drove in Manhattan this way of seeing it was a great help. Could that be a way of describing the traffic in Kajalakoti too?

Mamma Jorid